Kung Fu San Soo has a large number of short form exercises which are to be practiced with your hands as well as using various types of weapons.  All forms can be practiced with each type of weapon.  These forms consist of 26 moves in each form base.  Each form begins with a solute and 6 moves which is called  “Jung How”.  These 6 moves are not part of the original form.  They are a personal selection of moves that create your own salutation or greeting, a signature of the kung fu practitioner.  The remaining 19 moves are part of a much larger form.  Then you end with a solute in order to show respect to all.  These 19 move forms can be linked together into a multiple base form.  The forms were originally put together into 360 move forms based on the lunar calendar. This took place in Southern China.  It was designed in such a way as to start the form by learning one move the first day of the year.  A new move would be added to the form each day, enlarging the form day by day.  Finally completing the 360 move form at the end of the year.

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